Viewpoints is an outstanding six-level English program for secondary students that embraces a singular methodology within the communicative framework.

The program features:

• A syllabus based on the Common European Framework (CEF) standards, which takes students from level A1 to B1.

• A well-defined eclectic approach to teaching and learning built on the current methodological developments in ELT: task-based approach, content based approach, student-centered approach, the multiple intelligences theory and cooperative learning.

• Step-by-step projects developed throughout each unit to consolidate both language and content knowledge.

• A thorough development of the communicative, cognitive and academic competences embedded in language learning.

• A Reflect on Values section which stimulates social awareness.

• A Test Training section that familiarizes students with the format of international examinations, KET and PET.

• Up-to-date expressions that enable students communicate with real English.

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