English For You!

A modern 6-level English program, based on You Too!, for secondary schools teaching between two and four hours of English a week. It includes the Student’s Book (accompanied by its corresponding audio CD), the Workbook and a Code to access Greenwich Lab. Among other things, it raises social awareness, prepares students for international examinations and includes a section with well-known rock and pop songs.

English for You! has been designed for students to:

- Be capable of interacting in English.
- Go from a low-basic command of English to an intermediate level, according to the Common European Framework.
- Take advantage of different learning styles and intelligences.
- Develop the concept of global citizenship.

English for You! has been designed for teachers to:

- Have a cross-cultural and cross-curricular approach.
- Provide a learner-centered approach that focuses on students’ needs, interests and preferences.
- Offer a VARIETY in lesson planning: Vivid, Appealing, Realistic, Interactive, Expansive, Tailor-made and Yielding.

With English for You, students will learn and enjoy!

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