Here We Go

Here We Go! is a six-level primary school program aimed at achieving the A2 level according to the Common European Framework. Conceived as a trip (for learning a new language is like beginning a new, exciting journey), it offers students the opportunity to learn English in a communicative way while reinforcing academic literacy skills. With an approach based on BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency), it features:

- A wide variety of activities that help students build the language they need to interact with others.
- Integration of subject area content material to reinforce/develop academic language acquisition and related skills.
- Strategies that motivate students to participate actively in their learning process and foster autonomy.
- Extended pronunciation practice through songs, rhymes, tongue twisters and games.
- Ongoing and summative assessment.
- Projects that consolidate both language and content knowledge while raising awareness on 21st century skills.
- Evaluations that make students familiar with the format of international examinations such as Flyers and Movers.
- Communication: Progression of language use and learning.
- Content: Progression of new knowledge.
- Cognition: Engagement in higher-order thinking skills: analyzing, synthesizing, problem solving, critical thinking…
- Culture: Identity, citizenship, pluricultural understanding.

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