Sunrise Preschool

This is an innovative three-level English program for children who have 5 to 8 class hours per week. It develops contents through a Story-based Approach.

The program includes a variety of activities, songs, rhymes and chants that promote the development of communicative skills and multiple intelligences.

It is also based on the portfolio methodology, which encourages children to be autonomous by collecting samples of their work to see how much they have achieved throughout the learning process.

Sunrise Preschool features:

  • Short stories that are developed with the methodological sequence before-reading, while-reading and after-reading. These activities contribute to the development of literacy skills throughout the program.

  • Cross-curricular activities that relate the contents of the unit to math, science and social studies.

  • Activities that allow children to understand the relevance of a society’s values through short stories. These projects foster children’s oral production.

The series has three puppets which support the learning process of children in a fun way.

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