Greenwich Your Partner
Greenwich Your Partner

Living in a globalized world requires excellent levels of educational quality in order for today's students to face the challenges associated with integrating themselves into the world. It also helps students communicate and access the universe of information, while giving them the ability to analyze and select the appropriate tools and knowledge for this exchange.

Consequently, on a daily basis, educational institutions throughout Latin America are showing greater interest in improving the teaching-learning process of English at different school levels. In this way, educational institutions can achieve higher proficiency levels and strengthen students’ communication skills.

It is for this reason that we here at Greenwich ELT feel a commitment to all stakeholders in the educational community. We know that this commitment requires the formation of students who are autonomous and creative, and have the ability to understand cultural diversity, for which it is imminent that teachers are provided with updated educational programs and material for teaching ELT. Therefore, Greenwich offers: GREENWICH YOUR PARTNER

What is it?

Here at Greenwich we develop educational programs built with conceptual and methodological consistency while based on the CEF (Common European Framework) guidelines which set international standards and proficiency levels for the teaching and learning of English.

Our programs pave the way for systematic and efficient learning and help guide teachers in responding to the individual needs and profiles of their students. We want teachers to feel a change at a professional level by performing dynamic classes with activities and tasks that teach students how to learn. This includes projects that promote investigation, and providing students with opportunities to develop their linguistic, intellectual and humane potential.

Greenwich Your Partner is a set of educational support services that includes support, training, formation and evaluation and strengthens the process of teaching and learning English. These support services address multiple components and, in accordance with the standards scheduled for the academic school year, are designed to be applied over a minimum of three years.

The program is aimed at the different people involved in the process of teaching and learning in institutions: principals, teachers, parents and students.

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